Gear to get when you first get started

It is important to have the right gear when you set out to become a successful gig worker. Below is a very short list of a couple of Must-Haves. A Dash Cam is an absolute must, and remember it needs to record both inside and outside, and also in the dark (At least if you plan on taking Uber & Lyft passengers). Should something happen, you need to be able to protect yourself, and this is best done with camera footage.

The second most important thing is a Phone Mount. You can’t be holding your phone in your hands as you are driving, this is both unsafe, but also illegal in many markets. We both use a wireless charging mount which is great when you do delivery and have to take your phone out all the time.

The last 2 sections (Cleaning Supplies and Signage) are both considered Nice-To-Have. If you choose to drive the bar crowd, then both puke bags and a portable wet vac are great to have, if you should get a puker. The Signage is purely cosmetic. Jesper only drives the bar crowd, and the sign makes it easier for people to find me, and many think I seem more official. If you do get a sign, remember to check your local ordinance for what color lights you can use in your windshield.

Finally, remember to keep the receipts. This is all tax deductible since you are a Contract Worker now!

Dash Cams

Cleaning Supplies

Phone Mounts & Chargers


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