January 2023

Wednesday 4, 8pm – LIVESTREAM – We are Back in The Studio (Ep: 126)
Monday 9: Episode 126 posts to Channels

Wednesday 11, 8pm – LIVESTREAM – Remote with Guest (Ep: 127 – New Format)
Monday 16: Episode 127 posts to Channels

Wednesday 18, 8pm – LIVESTREAM – From Studio (Ep: 128)
Monday 23: Episode 128 posts to Channels

Wednesday 25, 8pm – LIVESTREAM – Remote with Guest (Ep: 129 – New Format)
Monday 30: Episode 129 posts to Channels




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I started out with the idea of launching a hobby podcast in the winter of 2017. I loved it so much that I worked with Ben to start another podcast together. Now, I host and produce two podcasts and produce two others. I am passionate about my beard and my family, not necessarily in that order.

I have known about podcasts for a long time, but before I joined Jason & Ben, I honestly never listened to them much. Now I regularly follow several podcasts, and I co-host one with Jason.

Jesper Dinesen (Left) & Jason Tieri (Right)

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