As we swing through the maze of the gig economy, this rollercoaster ride of an episode is packed with both heartwarming and hard-hitting stories. I’m sharing the scoop on scoring birthday freebies and the importance of human connection, like when Larry drove a determined young man to a job interview.  But it’s not all sunshine and freebies—we’re tackling the contentious debate over driver safety and wage regulations in Minneapolis, with giants like Uber threatening to take their ball and leave the playground.

Navigating the gig economy’s seas can be like wrestling an octopus, and we’re here to share our playbook. From the comedic mishap of a tire inflation misadventure to the murky waters of Instacart’s new terms of service, we’re dissecting the power plays between gig workers and the platforms they rely on. Prepare to chuckle and ponder as we take you through the tech side of shopping apps, and don’t miss out on the quirky tales of multi-apping delivery drivers. We get candid about the ethical dilemmas faced by delivery drivers, including the controversial refusal to deliver a Plan B pill order, sparking a debate on the intersection of personal beliefs and professional responsibilities.

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